The enemy has tricked the church into confusing complacency with contentment.

But do not be deceived, these two are not the same.

See, complacency nests in the depths of disappointment. He dines with fear and doubt, whispering “Do not take a step; you’re fine right where your at.”

So you settle in fine instead of stepping in faith because “fine” is safe. At least, that’s what complacency tells you. But when you remove the mask of safe, you’ll reveal face of the snake saying, “Did God really say…?”

If Moses had been complacent, the Israelites would still be in Egypt – but the Lord loved His people too much to not set them free.

Yet we – daughters, sons, and heirs to the throne –

would rather keep ourselves enslaved, chained to our circumstances because we’re afraid to be brave.

We hide our complacency under the guise of contentment, comparing ourselves to the likes of Paul, failing to realize his circumstances were a result of his refusal to settle. Transformed by the power of the Gospel and wrecked by the love of God, his reckless journey of risk for the sake of his Savior brought him face to face with the beauty of contentment.

See, contentment rests in the heights of hope.

Though the storms of circumstance howl and rage beneath her, she can see past their arrogant front for she rides on the wings of the One who is to come.

She laughs in her languish for she knows it will not last. Continuously contending for what’s hoped for, but not yet come to pass – she is beautiful, the evidence of confidence that He who carries you will never let you go.

But though she is sought-after, contentment is not easily obtained – for you will only see her face when you remove your chains.

Jesus is inviting you to be untamed.

Like a child being thrown in the air screams “Again!” unashamed,

rest in the air of uncertainty – laughing all the way, knowing your Father will catch you every. single. time.


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