What’s the buzz?

Two nights ago I had a dream…

I don’t usually remember my dreams, but this one stuck out to me, and I’ve been able to remember every detail. I feel like it’s significant, though I haven’t fully grasped the meaning of it. I’ve been praying for the Lord to give me dreams and visions while I sleep, and I feel like this dream is just the beginning of the answer to that prayer. The funny thing is, just last night, a dear brother in Christ prayed prophetically over me, not knowing any of this, saying the Lord was answering my prayers and not only giving me dreams and visions, but keeping them at the forefront of my memory.

…I’d like to share it.

The dream began with my best friend and sister in Christ, Brittany, and I finding out about an event that we wanted to go to. It was a big, fancy event, and we were excited about it. On the poster or Facebook invite (I can’t remember which) announcing the event, it said that there was a blow dry bar offering free hair and makeup to anyone going to the event. I wanted to go, but Brittany didn’t as neither of us wear makeup (I’ll share a post expounding on that at some point). Anyway, I talked her into going, and as soon as we enter the place, I’m overcome by the Spirit and began praying and prophetically singing over the women in the establishment, calling them to freedom from their bondage and their masks.

We end up going to the restroom, and I begin singing even louder. As I’m singing, a voice from the stall begins cursing at us, telling us to stop and that no one wants us there. In response, I kick open the bathroom door and find a woman weeping. I pray and sing over her even louder, bringing her to freedom as her tears overflow washing the makeup off of her face. She then begins thanking me and confesses she’s wanted to escape for awhile but didn’t know how. At this point, another woman in the bathroom overhears her and mentions they’re going to have to drug her to get her to continue working. I suddenly become aware that this is some type of sex trafficking establishment and realize we have to get her out of there. I look up to see Brittany is already on it, holding open the door.

We make our way out, and there is a man with us, but we’re not bothered or surprised by him. It’s like we know him, or he’s been with us the whole time. His presence is comforting, like he’s protecting us. At first, no one is following us, and we assume we’ve made it out safe, surprised at how easy it was. Then, just like some crazy action movie, a van skirts around the corner full of the women from the place with weapons chasing us. We keep running, but no matter which corner we turn, it’s like they’re there. We surrender, asking how they’ve found us. They tell us they have GPSs in all of their girls, and they’ve been tracking us. We all surrender, going into the van, but as soon as we enter it, the man who’s with us opens his mouth, unleashing a flood of bees who begin attacking the leader of the gang. At this, all of the other girls turn on her as well, and I get this image of a hive of bees turning on their queen.

Brittany and I watch all of this happen in safety. You would think we would be horrified, terrified or traumatized, but we’re just filled with peace, awe and wonder.

And then I woke up.

So that’s the dream. Feel free to reach out if you feel like you have a word of knowledge or interpretation. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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