White Life

This poem was originally published in Volume XV of Marine Creek Reflections, the creative literary journal of Tarrant County College Northwest of which Dalise was a student staff editor in 2014. 

Life bursts from familiar darkness into
incriminating white; intensified by blinding light –
reflection off white-washed walls and
bleached tile floors; wrapped tightly in
a thin blanket by sterile hands in
long, white coat – gift to beaming mother.

Life leaps on beads of glistening dew in the
pale glow of spring sunrise; engulfed by
foam of ocean’s waves on salty days
of summer; rolled in soft flour, then
smothered in sticky sugar on sweet
days leading up to crisp winter;
illuminated by Birthday cards arriving
in shining, white envelopes.

Life climbs into pupils, glaring from achingly
bright computer screens; listed on professional,
colorless paper, then printed and titled Resume;
puffed in a haze of cigarettes smoked
while staring outside at fluffy clouds;
trapped in daydreams of hours passed by
like the encompassing fog; interrupted
by the dazzling smile of a handsome passerby.

Life peaks in sparkling diamonds placed on
trembling finger; adorned in a white dress – an
ivory cocoon for metamorphosis from girl to woman;
thrown in piles of sheets caught in flames
of white-hot passion, resulting in explosion
of white seed planted into womb;
maintained by Bills arriving
in plain white envelopes.

Life expands including a bundle of…
white diapers; Destroyed like shards of
porcelain on the floor from dropped china;
Soiled like spilt white milk that crept
unreachable under the refrigerator;
yet, washed with suds of bath time;
Intertwined by laces of new white
sneakers on first days of school.

Life resolves squinting through frames at white
pages of newspaper; swallowed like white pills
needed every day (sometimes twice); thinned
like white hair that came without invitation; lost
among white sands of time; and, covered
by bare sheet by sterile hands
in long, white coat.

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