I am…

Chances are you’re here to learn a little bit more about me. Well, here’s the story, and reader be warned: it might be a little more than you bargained for. But who doesn’t love an open book, right?

I graduated high school in 2008 and began my college career at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas with the intent of pursuing my lifelong dream of becoming an investigative journalist. One day, disaster struck when some (well-meaning) professor decided to deliver some dream-crushing dialogue knocking my carefully constructed tower of perfectly placed building blocks down into a messy heap of confusion and self-doubt. “Journalism is dead. Anyone wishing to be a journalist better be willing to sacrifice everything for it.” And by everything, of course he meant having a family – meaning my perfect plan of being Katy Couric by day and supermom by night was no longer perfect nor plausible. Out of ideas, I dropped out. The End.

Just kidding! Wooh, thankfully, that’s not where the Lord left me. After dedicating my life to Him in 2012, He decided to press play on the dreams I’d let fear keep on pause. I graduated with my Associate of Arts from Tarrant County College in May 2015 and went on to graduate with my B.S. in Mass Communication in May 2017 from Texas Wesleyan University, located in good ol’ Funkytown (aka Fort Worth, Texas, for all you not from around these parts). I spent three semesters at Wesleyan working for our nationally-accredited student media organization, Rambler Media Group, which reignited my passion for storytelling. (I also won several awards, but I’m not here to brag.)

Unfortunately, that professor’s words still loomed ever menacing in the back of mind, leading me to pursue a “safer” career path in the wide world of marketing. I held an internship with the Marketing and Communications department of United Way of Tarrant County during the summer of 2016 then with the Marketing department at Sagora Senior Living the following summer. After my internship with Sagora ended, I returned the United Way of Tarrant County as a temporary Digital Marketing Associate until November 2017 when the Lord told me to leave that position.Yes, that’s right – leave, quit, adios – without another job lined up, without a back up plan, without any leads. Like, what?! God, why?

Ok, grieving over. Because here’s the deal. He’s been doing something really, really cool in my heart. He didn’t create me to be a marketer of anything but the Gospel. I am a writer, painter, dancer. I write in color. I paint with words. My verbs reverberate the beating of my heart as it leaps off the page with every thought proclaimed in perfect harmony with the symphony of my soul. My carefully constructed tower of perfectly placed building blocks is no longer leaning tower of Pisa teetering on society’s approval. My tower is a castle, it’s foundation rooted in my salvation, and I am it’s queen. He is the author of my salvation, and, to me, it’s the greatest story ever told.

To be continued.

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